Why Lease your Tank?

If you have a leak?
 Leave it to us we will maintain your safety and make sure you don’t lose out on hard earned money. This one is a No-brainer!

Tanks are not cheap.
Coming up with $400 to $2,000 to buy a propane tank is hard for most people. Even if that kind of money is accessible to you, you would probably much rather spend it on something fun.

If you go, the tank goes if you own. 
If you sell your property, you likely won’t find a buyer that understands the value of your investment. However, you can sell it or take it with you.

The liability shifts to you if you own. 
I would not advise owning a tank unless you have insurance. Accidents happen whether you own or rent a tank, but the owner is liable if the tank caused a mishap because of undetected repairs needed.

You lose out on some perks if you own. 
If you lease, we are responsible for the safety of our tanks. We will maintain the leased tanks and repair any issues with the equipment without charging you. We pay close attention to required service and maintenance of the tanks and regulators for the protection of our customers.

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