hp5Do you burn wood for heat in the winter?  Does your family enjoy gathering around a fire pit?  Is your house equipped with a cozy fireplace to help warm cool evenings?  Look no further than Heintz Propane for your firewood needs!  We can help keep you and your family warm year round with our pre-split firewood.

Fast and Affordable Delivery

Firewood is a natural and efficient source of heat for your home.  Heintz Propane can help restock that wood pile that is looking a wee bit thin.  We know that you do not want to cut down trees and split logs in order to keep your family warm.  We can have split firewood delivered directly to your door all year long!  Even if you need a large delivery, we can make that happen.  Our drivers are equipped to deliver an entire dump truck full of pre-cut firewood.  We can help you out by delivering firewood for your:

  • Indoor Fireplace
  • Outdoor Fireplace
  • Wood Burning Stoves
  • Fire Pits

Types of Wood

There are different types of wood that we have available.  Some people prefer to use softwoods such as poplar.  Others prefer to burn hardwoods such as oak.  We can supply whichever type of firewood you prefer.  Call our office to find out what a cord of wood is going for and how fast we can get your delivery to you.